You as a business entrepreneur have real time interaction with your customers and suppliers.  Your Services is powered by IT systems and Business Processes that constantly need to be reviewed and improved in order to stay on top in your market segment and to fulfill the constantly increasing expectations of your customers in terms of services offerings and efficiency.

Therefore you as a Telecommunication Service Providers (ICTs), Insurer, Transport and Logistics company, Online Reseller, etc. with go in average every 10 years through a major Business Transformation and every 5 years through an IT System upgrade. These Business Transformations impacts not just your internal IT department but as well any other department hat has a stake in your business processes including HR and finance. To successfully run these transformations or upgrades a team of highly skilled experts is required to plan and executed these tasks.

The skills and experience that are required to successfully manage such transformation are usually not found within your own staff and need to be acquired from outside as they are required only every 5 to 10 years.

Therefore you decide either to outsource the whole business transformation to a System Integrator, who will provide a turnkey solution. The disadvantage of this turnkey approach is that it is very costly and you have only very little influence on how the transformation is going to happen and therefore they lose control over the success.

GCC offers an alternative solution service to allow you to perform the change with much less cost than hiring a SI and being able to stay in control over the success of the change. GCC provides highly qualified individual senior resources to support Transformation and change programs by covering the following areas:

  • Driving the project setup phase
  • General consulting services on stake holder management across all involved departments
  • End to End Program Management
  • Review and advisory throughout all phases of a Business Transformation
  • Strategic advice and consulting to Top and Midlevel Management
  • Setting business goals, justification and KPIs that will drive the change
  • Contract management between company and external suppliers
  • Setup and staffing of Project team structures
  • General progress monitoring and enforcement activities
  • Communication ManagementCommunication Management turned out to be the No. 1 reason for project failures.

The GCC Team has many years of Program and Project Managements experience in particular with ICT Providers.

You will stay in charge of the change and provide as much own resources and expertise as you have available. GCC is identifying and filling the gaps to successfully perform the change.